Get A Voucher

SPOT has funds avail­able for low/no income res­idents of Lane County who need help get­ting their dogs fixed! Click the Apply but­ton now and learn how to get started with our fast and easy voucher app­lication proc­ess.


Why Spay/Neuter?

Spaying or neutering is the single most im­portant thing you can do for the health and welfare of your dog, and to help reduce the killing of mil­lions of un­wanted shel­ter animals. Click the Info button to learn more!


Give to SPOT

Donations to SPOT go far! 97 cents of every dollar given to SPOT goes dir­ectly into dog spay and neuter vou­chers for low/no in­come com­munity mem­bers. Click the Do­nate but­ton to support SPOT's vital work.



SPOT participates in various entertaining fundraisers throughout the year. The next one coming up will be our Spring garage sale. Click the News button for more information on what we are up to!


About Us

SPOT has helped thous­ands of com­munity mem­bers spay/neuter their dogs since 1997. Click the SPOT button to learn about our history, Board, gen­erous grantors, volunteer opportunities and contact information.